5 Companies Who Nailed Their Brand Personality

5 companies who nailed their brand personality — Hurree — The Segmentation Platform
89% of shoppers stay loyal to brands that share their values — Hurree — The Segmentation Platform

What Is Your Brand Personality?

  • How would others perceive them? Are they bubbly, friendly, dependable, reliable, responsible, cheerful, youthful, edgy, fun, engaging… the list could go on.
  • How would they dress?
  • What age group would they be?
  • What is their social class?
  • How does your brand act around others? Are they quite serious and professional, or do they see themselves as a bit of a joker? Would they shake your hand or go straight in for a hug?

Types of Brand Personalities

The Brand Personality Framework — Hurree — The Segmentation Platform






A strong brand personality is a powerful tool it is underleveraged and poorly understood — Hurree — The Segmentation Platform

5 Companies With a Great Brand Personality



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