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Business intelligence (BI) is a tool that is used to help businesses gain deeper insights into their company and their customers in order to make more data-driven decisions. According to Tableau, Business Intelligence originally surfaced in the 1960s as a system of sharing information across organisations…

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Introducing The Ultimate Guide to Omnichannel Marketing; in this guide, we will give you the fundamentals of omnichannel marketing and deliver an in-depth understanding of how to transform your brand into a fully formed Omnichannel Ecosystem.

What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Omnichannel marketing is the practice of creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers…

Do you ever get a niggling feeling, like someone is watching you?

Conversations overheard, habits recorded, footsteps followed slowly down lonely streets — a constant heavy feeling, like someone or something is looking over your shoulder.

In the physical world, these occurrences would make the hair on your arms stand…


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