[Guide] Market Segmentation in the Food Industry

Market Segmentation in the Food Industry — Food Retail Guide — Hurree — The Segmentation Platform.
  1. Price
  2. Habits
  3. Efficiency
  4. Cohabitation
  5. Brand Loyalty
  6. Health-consciousness
  7. Luxuriousness
  8. Responsibility
  1. Analyse the end-to-end experience
    Regularly look at your consumer data and assess each touchpoint and pain point they experience.
  2. Utilise the ‘home-store’ approach
    Make sure your website or app has all of the same products, branding and general amenities that customers could find in-store.
  3. Make the physical-digital
    Consumers today are aware of the improved efficiency that digital has to offer; make a point to transform the historically physical elements into digital ones — this means loyalty programmes, coupons, price comparisons and more.
  4. Focus on seamless mobility
    Provide options like predicted suggestions, filters and breadcrumbs so that your customers’ shopping experience is simple and seamless.
  5. Be flexible
    One of the primary reasons consumers shop online is convenience; make sure that your options aren’t rigid and that you can cater to your customers around the clock.



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