How to Build the Perfect Customer Retention Campaign

What is customer retention?

Source: Accenture
Source: Bain & Company
  • Citibank ‘Points’: Citibank uses a points-based reward system. 1 point is earned with every $1 a customer spends. These points can be redeemed for things like travel opportunities, gift cards, mortgage payments, charity donations, student loan payments, and so on.
  • Bank of America ‘Levels’: Bank of America has a tiered loyalty program that offers increased benefits the further ‘up’ the customer travels. The levels range from ‘Gold’ which offers things like a 5% interest rate booster, mortgage reduction, priority credit service, etc., to ‘Platinum’ which increases the values of all existing benefits (and more). It requires customers to have a balance of at least $50K. Then there’s a ‘Platinum Honours’ level which requires an account balance of at least 100K.
Source: Accenture
  • Your website: have a dedicated page on your site map or publish a case study as a testimonial article.
  • Your social media profile: include a case study quote as your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn cover photo. Publish testimonial quotes on your Instagram story and save them as a highlight on your profile. Share a LinkedIn publication, etc.
  • In emails: they can be quotes within the body of your email or offer them as content in the form of a downloadable PDF.
  • In your newsletter: if you send out a weekly or monthly newsletter, include a case study within your news or recent content.
  • Improves products and services
  • Measures customer satisfaction
  • Makes customers feel special and shows that you care
  • Informs business decisions
  • You can use feedback as testimonials that draw in new customers and inform other buyers
  • Offer support via multiple channels: live chat, email, telephone, in-app messaging
  • Request feedback after an interaction
  • Include customer feedback forms on web pages
  • Use polls: in-app, on social media, on your website
  • Email yes/no or open-ended surveys to your contacts
  • Organise focus groups and conduct market research
Source: Small Business Trends
Source: Francis Buttle
  • Eliminate data silos by connecting your existing marketing tools.
    Benefits: gain full-picture campaign planning and execution for seamless customer experiences.
  • Create dynamic segments based on customer behaviour across multiple platforms.
    Benefits: offer personalised marketing experiences that improve customer loyalty and retention which, in turn, leads to increased revenue.
  • Plan and activate automated omnichannel marketing campaigns using a single user interface.
    Benefits: this saves you time, increases efficiency and provides customers with a consistent, seamless experience.




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Hurree is a Pinboard for your Analytics 📍 Collect data from across all of your tools to create effortless company reports on one dashboard ➡

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