The Importance and Benefits of App Store Optimization (ASO) to Mobile Marketers

App store optimization, otherwise known as ASO, is something that is overlooked more times than not, by many app developers and marketers. Once the initial development is done, and the app has been uploaded to all the major app stores, mobile app marketers tend to focus their attention on other marketing techniques. For example, blogging, social media, paid advertising and any other way possible to drive potential customers to the app store page.

Don’t get me wrong — these tactics are all very effective in their own right. But, have you considered the possibility, that after all your hard work in getting your user to the app store, it was your poor choice of screenshots, ambiguous description or negative reviews that resulted in them choosing not to follow through and download your app?

These are all factors that impact upon your ASO. No matter what channel your visitors come from, this is the final stage of the app marketing funnel and so definitely the most crucial.

If you have a desire to increase the visibility of your app to relevant users on the app store, resulting in increased downloads, but yet don’t want to spend huge amounts of money on marketing techniques then ASO is your new secret weapon.

You’re welcome.

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