What is a Data Warehouse?

Definition of data warehousing

Benefits of data warehousing

Drawbacks of data warehousing

  • Inflexibility: standardisation of data and the inability to alter information or make adjustments. Whilst this can be an advantage, having data that’s homogenised can, for some businesses, be a disadvantage.
  • Potential incompatibility: data warehousing technology may require a company to modify the systems that they already have in place and that function well.
  • Not always cost-effective: data warehousing requires regular maintenance which can be costly. As well as having consistently available updates that don’t come cheap. It can also require the use of technical knowledge that not all businesses have which incurs training costs.
  • Limited use: if a company works with sensitive information, the use of data warehousing will be limited to a group of people and precautions may have to be put in place. This restriction of access and usability of the storage system limits business intelligence, business strategy and decreases the overall value of your data warehouse.



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