What Is AI & Why Do Marketers Need To Embrace It?

The term ‘Artificial Intelligence’ or AI seems to drive fear into people. Some think AI is going to steal their jobs, whilst the drama queens amongst us think robots are going to outsmart humans, take over the world and end all mankind…

You’ll be happy to know that both are unlikely. However, whilst it is still early days, AI is already having a massive impact on our lives and how we do our jobs without us even realising it. For example:

  • Google uses AI to predict what you are searching for with great accuracy with its autocomplete search queries.
  • Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds are tailored to you via machine-learning algorithms.
  • Amazon product recommendations work thanks to machine learning.
  • Self-driving cars use various AI techniques to avoid collisions and traffic congestion.

So What Is Artificial Intelligence?

It’s a term I’m sure we have all come across by now, but it can be tricky to define given that there are so many different and rather confusing definitions out there. So I’ll try my best to give it to you in the most simple way…

AI is the concept of non-human entities (for example, computers) possessing human-level intelligence and performing intelligent tasks. So basically, a smart computer that can do smart things, that a smart person can do also.

At this moment in time, the only forms of AI available to us require some level of human intelligence in order to work efficiently. This is what is known to us as ‘Narrow AI’. Think search engines, spam filters, Siri and Netflix recommendations.

‘General AI’ is another term floating about the interweb and is based on the idea that one day machines will operate independently of human beings. Right now though, this is just the stuff you hear about in sci-fi movies.

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